Our Team

Glen Watson


Glen Watson is a third-generation owner of Watson Recycling and president of Infinite Recycled Technologies. His experience and leadership have been focused on growing the family business since the mid 1990s when he purchased the business and became one of the pioneers of curbside recycling in Olmsted County.

Jeremiah Watson

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremiah Watson is part of the next generation of recycling. As CEO of Infinite Recycled Technologies, he is responsible for running all facets of the business, including the Research and Development lab where a team of engineers and recycling specialists will continue to invent more effective and efficient ways to recycle.

John Watson

President of Operations

John Watson, also part of the next generation of recycling, is responsible for incorporating lean manufacturing practices and continuous improvement initiatives, ensuring that Infinite Recycled Technologies remains competitive in the local and global marketplace.

Patrick Elmore

Vice President

Patrick Elmore is responsible for all global sales and marketing. With over 20 years of experience in sales, he aims to promote sales growth and customer satisfaction, making Infinite Recycled Technologies the ultimate recycling solution for glass manufactures. 

Aaron Dahl

Director of Research and Development

Aaron Dahl is responsible for all new and existing advancements in mechanical, glass, and polymer technologies. He will be leading an advanced team forward to a new age of recycling and sustainability, making Infinite Recycled Technologies the new world leader.

Shannon Froendt

Lead Engineer

Shannon Froendt is responsible for maintaining the facility and equipment, creating new processing equipment, and streamlining production to keep the organization moving forward.

Justan Bellrichard

Production Manager

Justan Bellrichard is responsible for production and maintenance, along with overseeing all warehouse activities, including organizing the safe and efficient receipt, storage and dispatch of goods.

Samantha Froendt

Office Manager

Samantha Froendt is responsible for organizing and coordinating office administration and procedures to ensure organizational effectiveness, efficiency and safety.