Environmental Impact

Renewable Composite Technologies is all about making a positive difference on the environment. Every product that we make begins with formulations that utilize post-consumer waste like plastics and glass. Our unique proprietary technology allows us to create superior products from these once discarded materials, which results in many environmental benefits, including:

Reducing Waste and Diverting Materials from Landfills.
  • Because we are able to use a wider variety of plastics, we are reducing the volume of plastic material that ends up in landfills.
  • We can use plastics 1 through 7, but for health reasons we have chosen to not work with PVC.
  • We are working on ways to have the haulers accept more plastics.
  • Currently, most will only take #1’s and #2’s.
  • With our ability to utilize more of the plastics that people currently throw away, we will open up communities’ ability to recycle more types of plastics, which in turn will reduce waste and decrease there volume of material being landfilled.
End unsustainable deforestation.
  • With every piece of “alternative lumber” we create, we are reducing the need for deforestation.
  • Did you know that almost 50% of all hardwood trees harvested in the U.S. every year are cut down to make wood pallets.  As a result, using Renewable Composite Technologies, instead of wood, could reduce the need for deforestation by up to 50%.
Clean the Oceans.
  • There are many groups looking for ways to pull the plastics out of the oceans. This is an important endeavor, as the plastics will eventually degrade and become toxic to a wide variety of sea life. As these groups seek ways to efficiently collect the plastics, the may discover that they are just moving the problem from one place to another, unless of course, there is a productive and safe use for the harvested plastics. Because we are able to use almost all types of plastics, Renewable Composite Technologies can play a significant role in providing an outlet for the plastics that others harvest from the oceans.