How it Works

Building and Restoring the Future.

In today’s disposable culture, some things will always endure, home, family, and building now for generations to come. Infinite Recycled Glass Technologies team will continue to develop and adapt new processes to further our future.

The innovative technology we are implementing into our new facility will allow glass recycling to be done on a level never imagine.  How we think about glass recycling and the materials that will be able to be produced is open ended. The new ability for our team to show the advantages of glass recycling is far superior to what has been available. The future of recycling glass products and open new markets is the teams focus. Now being able to receive, recycle, and produce a viable product from glass that was destine to be landfilled is a major step into the future. This new technology allows for all glass that is currently going to landfills to be recycled. Rounds of testing and manufacturing advancements have been developed and will be used and adapted in the preservation of our future.

Closing a part of the recycling loop ultimately lessens our dependence fossil fuels and the mining of natural minerals from the earth. Together with our customers, corporate partners and friends, we can all help bring the awareness to light so we all can leave the planet cleaner, greener and healthier for generations to come.