Spirit of Technology



INFINITE’s Research and Development laboratory designs, prototypes, manufactures and supports products to serve the needs of recycling and recycling manufacturers. Combining the disciplines of plastic processing, product development, upstream and downstream design with mechanical engineered schematic evolutions. Our team has developed multiple products with normally unused, landfilled plastics and minerals. The team’s ability and understanding of the how-to-process of multiple recyclable resins together with one or multiple minerals for a viable long lasting product. Evolved knowledge specializes in the ability to take “what is thought of as unusable” and find a market for the waste. We have the flexibility to take on projects ranging from one-off prototypes to productions runs. With decades of experience facing the unique challenges of recycled plastic industry, Infinite’s R&D delivers products with a proven record of success.

How We Manage Our Customers Risk Factors

Our team focuses on technology as the issue to overcome, then the risk of the technology is what is managed.

Fundamentally and historically, innovation is new technology (or at least new to our customers), rather than new “value creation”.

So, our question becomes, how can we manage the “innovation creation” risk factor?

Simply stated, Infinite’s R&D team can manage risks by focusing on overcoming the hurdles of discovering and creating new value for customers, by working closely and in concert with the customers. It requires that we understand their needs, waste products, co-develop solutions, and experiment to validate or invalidate key waste model assumptions.

In other words, we focus on overcoming technology and processing hurdles. Where most companies don’t actually face technical risk. Instead they viewed innovation from a “value creation” perspective, then would manage that as the fundamental risk and a mistake for those customers.

Customer service

From our customer and technical staff to our tradeshow speakers, we have a culture that satisfies the customers scientific needs while still having a little bit of fun making our world more sustainable.